Court Services

Nationwide Court Service

Our experienced team knows the requirements, procedures, and personalities within courthouses throughout the United States. We know the right way to submit filings and how to follow up. With our internal courier service, we have the ability to readily and reliably pick up and deliver court documents. Client records are maintained in our secure server and clients are kept up to date throughout the process.

ProVest's nationwide network is instrumental in helping our clients stay on top of court changes. We save time and help avoid costly mistakes. Your team can concentrate on successful outcomes because we keep track of the minutiae.

Our flexible service adjusts to your filing needs as required. ProVest prides itself on efficiency and accuracy when it comes to handling and tracking court filings. Our status updates deliver case information directly to your case management software. Streamlined reporting capabilities via a password-protected portal to ProVest's secure server delivers real-time case information.